How to change to an older version of Node.js

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I am running Node.js version v0.5.9-pre on Ubuntu 10.10.

I would like to be using version v0.5.0-pre.

How do I roll back to the older version of node?

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Correct Answer

*NIX (Linux, OS X, ...)

Use n, an extremely simple Node version manager that can be installed via npm.

Say you want Node.js v0.10.x to build Atom.

npm install -g n   # Install n globally
n 0.10.33          # Install and use v0.10.33
n                            # Output versions installed
n latest                     # Install or activate the latest node release
n stable                     # Install or activate the latest stable node release
n <version>                  # Install node <version>
n use <version> [args ...]   # Execute node <version> with [args ...]
n bin <version>              # Output bin path for <version>
n rm <version ...>           # Remove the given version(s)
n --latest                   # Output the latest node version available
n --stable                   # Output the latest stable node version available
n ls                         # Output the versions of node available



Use nvm-windows, it's like nvm but for Windows. Download and run the installer, then:

nvm install v0.10.33         # Install v0.10.33
nvm use v0.10.33             # Use v0.10.33
nvm install [version]        # Download and install [version]
nvm uninstall [version]      # Uninstall [version]
nvm use [version]            # Switch to use [version]
nvm list                     # List installed versions
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Other Answer

One way is to use NVM, the Node Version Manager.

Use following command to get nvm

curl -o- | bash

You can find it at

It allows you to easily install and manage multiple versions of node. Here's a snippet from the help:

nvm install <version>       Download and install a <version>
nvm use <version>           Modify PATH to use <version>
nvm ls                      List versions (installed versions are blue)
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