How can I change the app display name build with Flutter?

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I have created the app using Flutter create testapp. Now, I want to change the app name from "testapp" to "My Trips Tracker". How can I do that?

I have tried changing from the AndroidManifest.xml, and it got changed, but is there a way that Flutter provides to do that?

asked 4 years ago

Correct Answer


Open AndroidManifest.xml (located at android/app/src/main)

    android:label="App Name" ...> // Your app name here


Open info.plist (located at ios/Runner)

<string>App Name</string> // Your app name here

Don't forget to run

flutter clean
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Other Answer

UPDATE: From the comments this answer seems to be out of date

The Flutter documentation points out where you can change the display name of your application for both Android and iOS. This may be what you are looking for:

For Android

It seems you have already found this in the AndroidManifest.xml as the application entry.

Review the default App Manifest file AndroidManifest.xml located in /android/app/src/main/ and verify the values are correct, especially:

application: Edit the android:label in the application tag to reflect the final name of the app.

For iOS

See the Review Xcode project settings section:

Navigate to your target’s settings in Xcode:

In Xcode, open Runner.xcworkspace in your app’s ios folder.

To view your app’s settings, select the Runner project in the Xcode project navigator. Then, in the main view sidebar, select the Runner target.

Select the General tab. Next, you’ll verify the most important settings:

Display Name: the name of the app to be displayed on the home screen and elsewhere.

answered 4 years ago