How to manually send HTTP POST requests from Firefox or Chrome browser

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I want to test some URLs in a web application I'm working on. For that I would like to manually create HTTP POST requests (meaning I can add whatever parameters I like).

Is there any functionality in Chrome and/or Firefox that I'm missing?

asked 12 years ago

Correct Answer

I have been making a Chrome app called Postman for this type of stuff. All the other extensions seemed a bit dated so made my own. It also has a bunch of other features which have been helpful for documenting our own API here.

Postman now also has native apps (i.e. standalone) for Windows, Mac and Linux! It is more preferable now to use native apps, read more here.

answered 1 year ago

Other Answer

CURL is awesome to do what you want! It's a simple, but effective, command line tool.

REST implementation test commands:

curl -i -X GET
curl -i -X GET
curl -i -X DELETE
curl -i -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"name": "New item", "year": "2009"}'
curl -i -X PUT -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"name": "Updated item", "year": "2010"}'
answered 12 years ago